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Customer Service Representative - Full-time and Part-time

Posted: 03/04/2024

This position serves primarily external customers; however, responsibilities also include serving internal customers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This position does not involve direct day to day supervision of employees.

Confidentiality of customer information cannot be overstated. It is expected that all customer information be kept in the strictest confidence. We must do whatever it takes to ensure that our relationships with the public are not jeopardized.

This position is the main “point of contact” for the majority of customers in their day-to-day transactions generally associated with banking.  These transactions may include deposits, withdrawals, balance or statement inquiries, loan payments, and card transactions, among others. In addition to the handling of such transactions in an efficient and tactful manner, it is expected that CSRs demonstrate genuine interest and helpfulness in identifying product and services that will be the most beneficial to each customer. This includes keeping informed of product and service offerings, recognizing situations that suggest a need for additional or different products and services, and taking proactive steps to explain these to our customers or referring them to someone who is better informed and can give a more detailed explanation.

Starting Wage $18.00/hr