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40-year record of success as Business Advisors

40-year record of success as Business Advisors

There are three most common times when a business gets sold: (1) when the owner wants to retire; (2) when there’s a need to sell; (3) when co-partners or heirs want to end an ownership.  Owners can lose up to one-third of the true value of their business by agreeing to terms under pressure—without professional advice.

So while there’s rarely a “best” time to sell, there is always a “best” time to consider a sale.  You need to know the real value you’ve worked so hard to create.  Selling a business at a maximum profit is a complex business but TransworldBusiness Advisors has compiled a 40-year record of success as Business Advisors.

Knowing what the sale of your business could mean in today’s market should be worth a few moments of your time, whether or not it involves co-ownership or a generational relationship.  We understand how to handle these arrangements, on your behalf.

It’s why we meet regularly in confidence with owners who may not want to sell immediately but want to know what a sale could mean to their future.  We assess that potential without obligation, in both local and outside market areas.  That’s our business.

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Russ Bengtson, Walker MN