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Harmony Bulk Department Lead- Harmony Natural Foods Coop

Posted: 07/21/2020

Apply today to be a Harmony Bulk Department Lead! Job includes the following: customer service, bulk, coffee and spice product ordering, receiving and stocking, department maintenance, working weekends required. This role may have interims of necessary increased hours for back-up when department management is out. Qualifications for this position include: retail and customer service experience, natural foods knowledge, organizational skills, and the ability to lift 60 pounds.

Starting wage: $11-$14 per hour dependent on experience and skills. Hours: 22-25 hours per week.

Apply Online at[0]=68.ARCmwXUZIJjwao4sSTPIrxED2WXcd51Q6KLsJ57fhgecENRRD3koIq-oAu9vMa8AM1p05A4LQjhzcPYKnfemrNc0bxFz13uuo18ZUSaKbSybHsEohpFq8jo4gxT9vQiuC7_KjsH-2wNOcwlA6zPRYKJWHDCEmiUTWniknhMKeJy-lZ2GIg5NGFSycRGzi3uY0JYjMHRT-gX0Sc-0y3P-Cu328x8Acj69pg3Xznvu_GLBh8_MJmJV1ulAmnvBLVxR96v51tAXYFKf70Mn2s9tMjx_0YA-y8UzhRsYbOQsrBNLc2c34n7GyAACEXOUIFCzJ3tS1QGVkzprkGHFrFGiPNmXDa5eFgsqu9D2pXkuELc&__tn__=HH-R