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Assistant or Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Posted: 01/10/2022

Bemidji State University (BSU) invites applicants to join our team as an Assistant or Associate Professor of Communication Studies for a probationary tenure-track position beginning in Fall 2022. BSU’s vision is to educate people to lead inspired lives. To accomplish BSU’s vision, the University prioritizes creating a culture in which diversity is embraced and all people are safe, welcome, and validated. BSU also prioritizes increasing engagement with Indigenous communities to become a destination university.
BSU is located amid the lakes and forests of northern Minnesota and occupies a wooded campus along the shore of Lake Bemidji. BSU balances rigorous academia with the opportunity to enjoy a fun, robust, outdoor culture. The proximity to the lake and the surrounding north woods allows easy access to an assortment of recreation. Major campus facilities are connected by all-season underground passages for safe and warm travel during the cold, winter months. 
Enrolling around 5,000 students, BSU offers more than 70 undergraduate majors and nine graduate degrees encompassing arts, sciences and select professional programs. BSU is a member of the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities and has a faculty and staff of more than 550. BSU’s Shared Fundamental Values include civic engagement and leadership, international and multicultural understanding, belief in the power of the liberal arts, and environmental stewardship.
BSU’s Communication Studies program is housed within the Department of Sociology and Communication Studies. The first ever B.A. degree in Communication Studies has just been approved and we now have a full major and minor in Communication Studies. It has been exciting to build a program that provides students with career opportunities in the communication discipline. Foci of the program include relational, presentational, organizational, and applied communication, and courses with special interest in community engagement and service-learning. While currently an undergraduate on-campus degree, we do offer graduate courses and, in the future, will have a graduate certificate. The program has collaborative initiatives with various departments across the university making communication courses a fundamental part of other curricula. In addition to the academic program, we have a campus-wide student organization, Communication Scholars Society, for students wanting more active participation in the discipline. We are a diverse faculty, and the department is fully committed to equity and inclusiveness in our programs and classrooms.
Responsibilities of the Assistant or Associate Professor of Communication Studies include:

  • Teaching four courses (12 credits) within the communication discipline per semester.
  • Teaching lower-level courses such as Public Speaking, Career and Professional Communication, and Interpersonal Communication.
  • Teaching core communication courses in Communication Theory and Research Methods.
  • Teaching upper-level undergraduate communication courses based on expertise, that may include Advanced Public Presentation, Business Communication (advanced online course with excel, written and oral communication), Communication and Conflict, Environmental Communication, Family Communication, Gender Communication, Interviewing, Organizational Communication, Persuasion, and Small Group Communication.
  • Teaching graduate-level courses with the future development of a graduate program in Communication Studies to include Business Communication (advanced collaborative course with excel, written, and oral communication competencies), and other graduate courses within the communication discipline.
  • Designing and delivering courses for on-campus and online delivery.
  • Advising and supporting students’ academic progress, undergraduate research, and student organization initiatives.
  • Contributing to a collegial and supportive environment that advances the goals of the program, including curriculum development and assessment of an undergraduate major, as well as a future graduate program in Communication Studies.
  • Contributing to interdisciplinary teaching and involvement in activities that support BSU’s Shared Fundamental Values.
  • Participating in faculty departmental governance.
  • Commitment to quality undergraduate teaching, scholarship within the discipline, student development, and service to the University, community, and discipline.
Minimum qualifications for this position include:
  • Ph.D. in Communication Studies, Speech Communication, or closely related Communication field.
  • Three (3) years of teaching communication courses at the undergraduate level in Communication Studies.
  • Demonstrated excellence of, and commitment to, quality teaching of communication courses at the undergraduate level.
  • Demonstrated expertise and ability to teach from the following undergraduate courses: Business Communication (advanced undergraduate/graduate online course with excel, written, and oral communication), Communication and Conflict, Communication in a Diverse Society (Intercultural Communication), Gender Communication, and Environmental Communication.
  • Ability to develop and teach graduate courses in Communication Studies.
  • Advanced and sophisticated knowledge of, and familiarity with, current scholarship, theories, and research in the following areas in which the successful candidate will be asked to teach graduate students: Business Communication (advanced undergraduate/graduate online course with excel, written, and oral communication), Communication in a Diverse Society (Intercultural Communication), Communication Theory, Environmental Communication, Gender Communication, Persuasion, and Research Methods.
  • Demonstrated evidence of continued or promising scholarly agenda within the communication discipline (e.g., conference presentations and publications).
  • Demonstrated experience working with and/or interest in working with students and colleagues from multi-cultural and diverse backgrounds.
Preferred qualifications include:
  • Additional demonstrated undergraduate teaching in upper-level communication courses such as Communication and Conflict, Communication Theory, Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Persuasion, and Interviewing.
  • Demonstrated excellence of, and commitment to, quality teaching of community-engaged, or service-learning courses.
  • Demonstrated excellence of, and commitment to, quality teaching of communication courses at the graduate level.
  • Experience with curricular development and assessment.

For more details:
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