Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce
Job Description
Summary of Position:
The President will be responsible for the implementation of any of the policies and directions brought forth by the board of directors. Additionally, this individual would be responsible for reporting on activity aimed at meeting any annual goals and objectives, overseeing organizational finances, as well as any and all administrative management activity needed to be conducted on a day-to-day basis.
Required Skills:
This position requires good communication skills, good written skills and attention to detail.
This person will bring to the job enthusiasm and desire to help reach the organization’s goals.
Computer experience including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and a Membership Data Base System is desired.
Experience in public policy, lobbying, workforce, advocacy, government relations or community relations strongly desired.
This position requires a strong understanding of what a next generation Chamber of Commerce is and the ability to work with a wide variety of people.
College degree or equivalent in business administration, management or other business related field.
Major Accountabilities:
  • Manages policy level committees such as Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Has the overall command and responsibility of operations with authority to make all decisions within parameters established by the BACC Board of Directors.
  • President shall supervise and be responsible for training and evaluating staff and work of the organization.
  • President shall be responsible for participating in planning and implementing an annual budget and monthly financial statements.
  • Shall review monthly accounting statements to verify accuracy of all transactions with Financial Director.
  • Shall maintain a close working relationship with the various committees and councils of the Chamber and to provide leadership as needed.
  • Working with Director of Member Engagement helping to recruit new members to join the Chamber, budget goals, and involving Board members and staff to assist with recruitment.
  • President shall actively represent the Chamber with key civic organizations as well as city, county, area legislators and other community entities.
  • Shall act as the official spokesperson for the organization.
  • Shall be responsible to carry out organizational goals.
  • Shall oversee building maintenance issues and needs.
  • Author and update employee manual and administrative handbook as needed.
  • Shall maintain working relationships with Chamber partners such as VisitBemidji, Greater Bemidji, and various statewide organizations affiliated with Chamber work.
  • Act as Chamber Report editor.
The President is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for all of administration of operations that would include the review and evaluation of program activities, oversee the compliance of any contractual obligations the chamber may need to fulfill, the allocation of resources for the provision of effectiveness and efficiency and the development of organizational and administers policy and program objectives as outlined by the Board of Directors.
Strategic Goals:
  • The mission of the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce is to put business first!
  • The vision of Bemidji Chamber of Commerce: To partner with, inform and represent a healthy business community.
Contact Information

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