Director - Home Care and Hospice

Sanford Bemidji Medical Center
Job Description
Administers the nursing program in a hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility to maintain standards of patient care. Requires an advanced degree in nursing and is licensed as a Registered Nurse. Responsible for the overall quality of care provided by the organization's nursing personnel. Advises medical staff, department heads, and administrators in matters related to nursing service and strategies. Interprets policies and objectives of nursing service to staff and community groups. Monitors the operations of the nursing staff and ensures compliance with regulations on organizational and governmental standards and practices. Schedules staff and conducts employee performance reviews. Provides nursing care to patients on an as needed basis.


This position is an exempt, full-time (80 hours every 2 weeks) position and works primarily Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Must have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Healthcare Administration, or a related field; Master's degree preferred. Must have knowledge of clinical practices and administrative and management principles. Must have five years managerial experience.

Please visit for more information and to apply. For more information regarding Sanford Health, visit

Contact Information

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